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Tekapo Tourism - Lake Tekapo HD webcam

This webcam is brought to you by Air Safaris


Views from the web cam include a panorama of the lake and village and points of interest around the Tekapo area

Click on an image to open in full HD viewer

Weather views update every 15mins on the quarter hour
Open as large panorama by clicking on small panorama below

North West Tekapo Tourism webcam - West view North
Tekapo Tourism webcam. North-West view
North East
Tekapo Tourism webcam. North-East view.
Tekapo Tourism webcam. East view.
Lake Tekapo webcam. South view.

West North North-East East South

Click on small panorama to open as larger version


HD web-cam views

Click on the images to open in new window at larger size.
For smaller monitors, the images can also be opened at the smaller 720HD size.
Follow the links above the images for the option of full 1080HD or 720HD

The HD viewer has "previous and next" buttons at the top for viewing all the following images
The images update every 30mins

Church of the Good Shepherd
Church of the Good Shepherd

Boat ramp at outlet
Foot bridge and boat ramp at the lake outlet

Tekapo Village
Lake Tekapo village

Tekapo town centre
Village Centre

Lake level station
Lake Level

Roundhill Ski Area
Roundhill Ski Area

Tekapo Tourism's HD webcam - Mt John Walkway
View from Mt John walkway

Tekapo Tourism's HD webcam - Lake Alexandrina and Cass Valley
Lake Alexandrina and the Cass Valley

All cameras supplied and installed by
Snowgrass Solutions


Tekapo Tourism Ltd thanks Canterbury University's Mt John in allowing the camera to be sited close to one of their buildings.
For more information on Mt John observatory you can visit their information page on this site. Click here.
It is only through the support of our sponsors, advertisers and volunteers that Tekapo Tourism has been able to install and operate this web camera.

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